It’s becoming increasingly clear to me that, though I didn’t think about this at the time, I probably started a blog because I need somewhere to vent my boundless rage that is not random people’s Facebook walls. I mean, one thing among the many thousands of things that are guaranteed to raise my blood pressure is when folks get all “the internet isn’t real, and it’s not a viable platform for communication,” but also like, Facebook fights are dumb, I’m supposed to be an adult now.

So here’s the thing that got me all het up this week: gay marriage.


Specifically, these goddamn things: 


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Profoundly happy to say that we’ve accepted an offer from New York’s ABRAMS, a publisher of high-quality art and illustrated books, to turn Bun B’s Jumbo Coloring And Rap Activity Tumblr into Bun B’s Jumbo Coloring And Rap Activity Book. (Don’t fret: The site will continue to be updated several times a week, same as it has been.)

The book is tentatively scheduled to be released in Fall 2013. While we’ll of course include a couple of your favorite pages from here, it’ll be full of lots of unseen great, funny, entertaining pages that we’ve been holding onto. 

Thank you to everyone that has taken a moment to pass the name of this site around or say something nice about one of the pages. Thank you to all of the writers that have written about us. Thank you to the rappers that have embraced the project. And thank you to all of the behind the scenes people that have helped moved these big, heavy pieces into place. It means a lot. Sincerely. 

More news later. Celebratory UGK music now.

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warsan versus melancholy.: residue.


i give myself five days to forget you.

on the first day i rust.

on the second i wilt.

on the third day i sit with friends but i think about your tongue.

i clean my room on the fourth day. i clean my body on the fourth day.

i try to replace your scent on the fourth day.

the fifth day, i…

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"Pitch Perfect" looks like "Step Up" and "Sister Act 2" had a baby, which means, I’m seeing it twice. 


Will Smith recorded a brand new verse for “Summertime.” Reminder: The year is 2012.


Finally, the trailer for Django Unchained…


"When you disrespect Nicki Minaj — and I don’t care if it was in front of 2,000 people, which can equate to 2 million people when it’s streaming live — you’re disrespecting my fans. See, I don’t have a problem with anyone saying what they have to say to me. But don’t make those 3 million people that downloaded ‘Starships’ or whatever they downloaded, don’t make them feel like they’re inferior in any way for their personal taste in music."

- She has a point…
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The new Erykah Badu is…just…WHAT THE F*CK!? Oh and no password necessary.

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So this happened.

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T. Boone Pickens ethering Drake. 

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